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Uncapped offers you a complete marketing and advertising solution. Starting from the design phase through to the print and manufacture phase and finally the installation phase. We additionally do not look at your marketing as an isolated function, but as part
of a whole. Your company requires a more holistic approach to marketing than a single advertising campaign every three months. You need to build your brand in everything that you do and when you work with Uncapped, we can help you.
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Our Service Offerings

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry and every service we offer. Select which service you are interested in to get more information.
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This service revolves around the design and development of your company’s branding and brand image.

Prices start from

Basic Print Design Package – R3200
Logo, business cards, letterhead, A5 leaflet

Basic Digital Design Package – R3200
Logo, e-mail signature, Facebook profile picture, Facebook cover image, Facebook newsfeed advert, Google maps cover image.

Comprehensive Design Package – R28 000
Logo, business card, letterhead, A5 leaflet, presentation folder, printed company profile, digital company profile, signage, e-mail signature, professionally create Facebook business page, professionally created Google my business page & basic five page website.

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Our graphic design team can help you create any sort of design that your company may need; whether that is a digital design for facebook, a branding design (like a logo) for your business or a business profile for printing, our team is there to assist you.

Prices start from

Design charge per hour – R650
A graphic design service as and when you need it

Monthly Retainer – 5 Hours per month – R2500
Contract us on a monthly basis to develop designs for you. This allows you to have a fixed cost, priority when you need work done and attain a saving as you are a regular customer and we reward regular customers.

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Uncapped operates a full digital printing house within our offices in Somerset West and in this manner can output most “small jobs” (any printing under 1000 copies) within 2 to 24 hours. Our digital printing equipment supports printing up to 1200 DPI with our specialty being high quality business cards.

We additionally share lithographic print facilities with a group of partnered printing firms based around the Western Cape. Lithographic printing is a much better process to use, as it results in a wider crispter colour spectrum, more accurate printing and lower cost per unit on large quantities (over 1000 units of the same design) Your optimimum cost per copy on lithographic falls between 5000 to 10 000 prints.

Visit the shop page to get instant pricing and to place your order

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Uncapped offers more than 3000 products that fall into the line of corporate wear and corporate gifting products. We are in the process of updating our store to reflect these products and services but with the sheer quantity of products, we recommend that you instead get into contact with us and enquire directly with us.

In regards to corporate wear we offer screen transfer, printed heat transfer, vinyl transfer and embroidery and can either transfer onto clothing that you provide or alternatively we can supply. A few example products would be caps, t-shirts, golf shirts, button up shirts, pants, aprons and much much more.

For corporate gifting, we offer almost everything that you can imagine and are in the process of expanding this with 3D printing and laser engraving in the future but at current we offer branded pens, flash drives, mouse pads, lanyards and more.

Due to the vast array of products here it is best to call or e-mail us.

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Uncapped’s digital marketing service focusses primarily on Google and Facebook. In these times, advertising and developing content for these platforms can generate you extensive followings and many loyal customers. We offer the following services for each platform:

For google we offer professional my business page creation and population including the maps listing and management. We additionally can assist you in setting up your company a professional YouTube channel with all the relevant branding.

Our final Google service is our adwords/analytics service where we assist you in creating pay per click advertising campaigns for your channel, social media platform or website.

Uncapped assists you here in creating a professional Facebook business page including all branding as well as setting up pay per click advertising campaigns.

Should you like our assistance on another platform, please contact us

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Uncapped can assist you bringing your brand online with a variety of web design and web development options. Our websites and e-commerce solutions are suitable for companies of any size or stage of growth, whether you’re a brand new business looking for a landing page, a small company looking to grow their online presence or a brick and mortar store looking to open up online so that you can move products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while expanding your market reach.

We understand that every company doesn’t have tens of thousands of brands for a web build project and as such we are now offering a payment plan option on all our websites and e-commerce stores. If you are interested in a custom web application or app to be designed, we can do that too.

Our web packages start from as little as R600 per month or R12 000 once off.

As each business is unique and different, so are their website needs. In this way it is best to get in touch with us and get a personalized quotation and needs assessment.

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Uncapped offers a wide array of signage and banner solutions that help your clients notice and find you. We offer a variety of signage and banner options depending on your quality and budget requirements. When it comes to this sort of work, nothing speaks louder than our actual work and as such we highly recommend that you take a look at our porfolio.

Due to the vast array of products here it is best to call or e-mail us.

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One of Uncapped’s specialist services revolves around brand narrative or put more simply, the telling of your company’s story and managing your brand’s reputation. This is actually the core focus of how Uncapped approaches marketing. We help your company sell, attain new clients and retain existing clients by helping you tell your story in a way that your clients can emphathise with and relate to. A good story with a good product/service will sell more for your company than an excellent product/service with a bad story or even worse no story. As long as your company exists, there will be a story that needs to be told and this is truly one of the best practices of public relations.

The other aspect of public relations is how you react to your clients, both to those clients who compliment your services and those who review badly. Asking for reviews gives you critical feedback on how your customers feel. Responding to good reviews is reward those customers who you impressed enough to let you know. Defusing bad reviews show customers that you are willing to fix things and take responsibility when products or services don’t live up to a client’s expectations.

This service is offered both as an as needed advisory and on a monthly retainer option.

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Uncapped is a holistic business solutions service provider and that can make things rather complicated because which services do you use? Which services do you need? Can you afford these services? Do you actually need them? We understand your concern and this is why we have a solutions architecture system in place. Each aspect of a company is complex and time-consuming to learn and adapt to, a business as a whole is a very complex entity and this is why we exist, we want to take what is complicated about the business and simplify it so that you can go back to doing what you love rather than jumping from one fire to the next.

If cost is a concern, call us anyway and let us see what we can do, even if that means a payment arrangement or us assisting you by directing you to the correct governmental support body to attain additional support services or finance. What can a call hurt?

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