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Uncapped originally started out in the IT sphere of business and as such, it is the segment in which we have the most experience. Our business grew in scope and services specifically because of our skill set in this area of business and that is why we at
Uncapped are now offering such a wide array of services. Your IT is not just about do you have the correct computers but also do you have the correct software systems to make your work more efficient. Let Uncapped work together with you to build a better business.
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Our Service Offerings

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry and every service we offer. Select which service you are interested in to get more information.
IT Page - Picture of the inside of a Computer tower with blue LEDs


We have been a supplier for hardware virtually since day 1 of our operations. Where we differ slightly from other computer shops or IT providers is that we don’t only sell brand new equipment. We also supply demo and high quality refurbished equipment as well.

We chose to expand our hardware offerings to the demo and refurbished equipment as a means of offering our clients far greater value for money. In this manner over the last 10 years we have built strong relationships with both regional and international suppliers and are able to source a wide range of like new to cosmetically damaged hardware to suit any business’ needs and budget. All equipment is supplied with a warranty unless otherwise stated and is in perfectly functional condition, we do not sell any equipment that has performance issues or damage.

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Uncapped supplies a wide range of traditional software for purchase, including but not limited to Operating systems, Microsoft Office and Anti-virus programs. We are actually a registered ESET partner and are authorised to sell and support their products.

Where Uncapped is different than your traditional software vendor is that also offer to assist you in setting up and configuring open source and web based software solutions as well. For more information on this, please see our automation solutions as that is far more detailed than this.

For more traditional solutions, please visit our store.

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Uncapped works with a variety of internet service providers in order to bring you not only the best possible deal on your internet connectivity needs but also one that will work for your business. We ourselves are not an internet service provider but are a support service.

In this manner, we can treat your connectivity needs holistically, looking at your specific needs rather than which products and services we are obligated to sell. In this manner, we support helping you acquire an internet connection, setting up your network to work optimally, training you in how to keep your internet connection in tip top shape and finally after sales service and support for when you have issues, thus helping you avoid having to be on hold with an ISP when the solution might be a simple and achievable one.

We additionally can setup VPN networks that protect your information, view web pages block in other regions or allow you and your staff to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

IT Page - picture of a switchboard telephone with bubbles in the background with the word "VOIP"


Uncapped provides access to hosted VOIP switchboard solutions. What this means for you is that there is:

  1. No huge upfront cost in setting up professional switchboard equipment
  2. No maintenance of equipment or specialist staff required
  3. No equipment rental costs
  4. Extensions are available onsite, offsite and even on your cellphone

Our switchboard service uses your internet connection to provide you teleponic services. Our switchboard options start from as little as R350 per month including the switchboard, up to 10 extensions and 4 concurrent voice lines. This is by far one of the most affordable switchboard solutions available on the market today.

Should you already have a switchboard in place, feel free to contact us anyway and let us see if we can assist you in saving money or if your equipment is compatible with a hosted VOIP solutions like ours.

IT Page - Picture of a cloud made up of many icons linking to various server cabinets


Uncapped offers four primary types of hosting:

Shared Hosting
Our Shared hosting solution is one of the more cost effective solutions for hosting websites and other web platforms and can be offered either on a windows or Linux based system. For your average website or web platform, a shared hosting service is perfect. Our shared hosting packages start from R75 per month.

Dedicated Server Hosting
One step up from shared hosting is where we dedicate a machine to hosting your website. If you run a busy or resource intensive website or web platform this is the best option to go for. This is far more expensive than shared hosting but is capable of a lot more than on a shared hosting server. Packages here start from R2500 per month

Rack Hosting
We can also host equipment that you have purchased at one of the data centers or ISP hosting facilities that we have partnered with. The primary advantage offered is redundancy and security. There are multiple internet connections, 24/7 security, access control and backup power. The cost for this is dependent on what we are securing at one of our facilities for you.

Seedbox/Media server
For private and individual users we can also recommend platforms that allow you to host your personal media servers on the cloud. We additionally can assist you in configuration of such servers. Please note that on these services, you are solely responsible for the content hosted.

IT Page - Photo of various lines of computer code on a computer monitor


Uncapped’s web design department is more on the marketing side of business as we use WordPress as the engine to build and run those websites. Those websites are also based more around marketing than functionality.

Our web development and application development department is focussed more on developing fully custom web platforms and applications that are designed and developed specifically with the requirements that you have in mind. Uncapped primarily focusses on the design and development of web based platforms and android based applications in frame works that would translate well for iOS, however we are not a registered iOS developer at this point.

Our senior leadership in our development team is highly experienced with more than 30 years of combined web experience in over 15 languages. So if you have a custom website, web platform or application you’d like developed, contact us for an assessment today.

IT Page - two gears with the words process and automation on them


When we here at Uncapped speak about automation, what we are actually speaking about is how to make technology handle part of your work for you. There is so many applications and platforms designed to make operating your business that much easier so that you can focus on working on your business rather than in your business.

Ultimately how we envisage technology is not as a burden or something complicated but as a simple and easy to use tool to save you time, effort and money. We won’t lie, initially automation requires some upfront effort but after that it starts saving you time.

A good example of automation software is your accounting software, you capture an invoice or create an invoice and it automatically fills in all the correct books and reports for you, what used to take a team can now be done by a single person. Our solutions are somewhat like this but cover a variety of more topics such as sales, communication, task management, team management and more.

This is truly done on a case by case, company by company basis, so feel free to reach out to us.

IT Page - Holographic image of a double sided spanner and a screwdriver, with a hand reaching out to touch the holographic image


IT Support was the founder’s original career and had been for 9 years before Uncapped had even started and when Uncapped was originally founded, this was our core business. Today, the skills we learned doing this segment of our business grew and translated into the wide variety of services that we offer today. At Uncapped we currently offer the following services:

  • Workshop repairs (up to board level repairs)
  • Onsite support – Our technicians come to you
  • Remote support – Our technicians log onto your machine wherever you are in the world and help you fix your problems

We can assist on everything from standard desktop and laptop support to networks, servers through to policy development. We can assist at everything from planning through to supply and install. Uncapped additionally offers this either on an as needed (Adhoc) basis or on a flat fee monthly retainer service.

IT Page - a man in the background tapping the word transformation in the foreground on a faded interface


Uncapped is a holistic business solutions service provider and that can make things rather complicated because which services do you use? Which services do you need? Can you afford these services? Do you actually need them? We understand your concern and this is why we have a solutions architecture system in place. Each aspect of a company is complex and time-consuming to learn and adapt to, a business as a whole is a very complex entity and this is why we exist, we want to take what is complicated about the business and simplify it so that you can go back to doing what you love rather than jumping from one fire to the next.

If cost is a concern, call us anyway and let us see what we can do, even if that means a payment arrangement or us assisting you by directing you to the correct governmental support body to attain additional support services or finance. What can a call hurt?

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We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.

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