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Uncapped's business solutions are focussed around analyzing your business and then working together in order to develop sets of business systems and operational plans to create a business operating system. These systems then are built into your business plan
Having a business plan that integrates actual business systems will remove a lot of stress from you as you now have a plan to work from. This also changes the business plan to more than just a financial document, it becomes the soul of your business.
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We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry and every service we offer. Select which service you are interested in to get more information.
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A business operating system is not a computer operating system like Windows or Linux. A business operating system is a documented collection of your business processes, operating systems, and other various policies that drive your business to develop and function.

Each and every business has a specific methodology of functioning, the largest difference is that most small to medium businesses have not documented it and as such is a set of concepts that the owner often does not know how to articulate this to their staff and thus has to do everything themselves to “get it done properly”.  This adds a lot of unnecessary stress and pressure to your business.

Keeping the above in mind, reach out to us so that we can help you begin managing systems rather than trying to manage people.

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Owning or running a business is going to mean that sometimes you feel like an emergency worker, jumping from one crisis and item that has gone wrong to the next. This is where business consultants can be incredibly useful as it gives you access to a variety of specialist skill sets as you come to need them.

Uncapped as such has a wide variety of skill sets and consultants available that range from business skills, IT skills and marketing skills. We encourage you to bring us your challenges and problems and let us solve them for you. We’re a firm that loves a good challenge and if it is something we can’t do or do not have access to the skill set for, we will not lead you on but rather simply let you know and recommend you to a firm that we know which does offer that skill set.

What does it hurt, give us a call

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Disasters and the unexpected happen, whether this is an upset staff member, theft, flooding, fire, or even a pandemic, there are many events that can occur that can disrupt business. Disaster recovery is mostly a business security function that revolves around the preemptive planning for these scenarios.

Uncapped assists you in both the preemptive and reactive disaster recovery scenarios. We always recommend preemptive planning as far as possible so that should the worst come to be, you and your staff know exactly what needs to happen and how that event can be mitigated or at worst minimized in terms of damage.

A notepad with the heading of Business Plan and bullets stating idea (vision), distribution, team and market share.


Uncapped is of the firm belief that your business plan is the heart and soul of any business. Your business plan is far more than a document to attain finance, it is the document that records your business history, helps you understand where your business is right at this moment in time and helps you understand where your business is going.

We often encounter companies that have template-based business plans that the company has simply downloaded off the internet and then changed a few key points but that isn’t what we at Uncapped consider to be a valuable business plan. That is a business plan drafted because you want access to finance.

The business plans we work with you on writing are useful in helping keep you on track with where you want to go with the business, as well as helping you understand your value proposition. Some of the more complex business plans we have drafted end up being quoted throughout the various documents, training manuals, and policies that drive your business forward day by day.

So if you want a business plan that offers you actual value and direction and is more than a simple financial document. Let us know

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Uncapped offers a limited number of companies a mentorship position with our company. The core advantage to a mentorship position is that you gain access to our entire skillset and all services at near to cost price while we assist you in structuring and growing your business.

We do not offer many mentorship positions as it is a rather time consuming and resource-intensive process and due to the nature of business mentorship, we do not guarantee a position on our mentorship program.

For more information on our business mentorship, please get in touch with us.

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Uncapped has found that the majority of small to medium enterprises do not use the multitude of support services and grants that the government offers to help your business grow and succeed. There are various governmental bodies that even offer grant funding that can be used with us here at Uncapped.

Should you like assistance in finding out what governmental support you and your business might qualify for or need assistance registering with a government body or agency, get in touch and let us assist you to do so. You’d be absolutely surprised how much support the South African government offers South Africans that are trying to start their own businesses.

BEEE is not a requirement for all government support programs.

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Uncapped offer a bookkeeping service through one of our partnered providers and accounting and auditing services through another. It is important to keep in mind how important proper bookkeeping is to your business, it is about more than simply dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s. Proper bookkeeping gives you insight into the management of your business. It gives you insights through a variety of reports and there are various systems and procedures that we can assist you in setting up to make this as easy as possible for you.

We offer a variety of options from the very low-cost option of automated tracking to more comprehensive bookkeeping, accounting, auditing and taxation assistance. You’d be surprised at how much time you can save by outsourcing this business process.

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Uncapped offers a wide variety of training services that we implement whenever we assist you in setting up operational and business systems. Those sorts of programs are almost always different and designed specifically with your business in mind. We do, however, also offer a number of more standard training programs including:

  • Introduction to computers
  • Introduction to the internet
  • Basic computer and cybersecurity
  • Microsoft Word Level 1 – 3
  • Microsoft Excel Level 1 – 3
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Level 1 & 2
  • Microsoft Outlook Level 1 & 2
  • Time Management
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems

This training is all lecture led and can be conducted onsite at your offices or at one of our training facilities. It can also be conducted in group classes or as private one on one tuition depending on your needs.

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Uncapped is a holistic business solutions service provider and that can make things rather complicated because which services do you use? Which services do you need? Can you afford these services? Do you actually need them? We understand your concern and this is why we have a solutions architecture system in place. Each aspect of a company is complex and time-consuming to learn and adapt to, a business as a whole is a very complex entity and this is why we exist, we want to take what is complicated about the business and simplify it so that you can go back to doing what you love rather than jumping from one fire to the next.

If cost is a concern, call us anyway and let us see what we can do, even if that means a payment arrangement or us assisting you by directing you to the correct governmental support body to attain additional support services or finance. What can a call hurt?

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